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Michael Light / 2016年6月19日

The Real Deal recently published an article dubbed “Beware of Agents Who Will “Buy” Your Listing,” and it proves to be a good read for those interested in selling a home in any real estate market in this country, 但这对南佛罗里达的卖家来说尤其如此.

“这是房主很少听说的秘密做法之一, 但365app经纪人非常清楚:这就是“买房源”.” What it means is that some agents want the listing to sell your house so badly that they’ll go along with whatever price you ask, 即使它比可比的房子高得离谱. They know that there’s only a minuscule chance the house will sell at the inflated price you’re proposing but they take the listing anyway. 在几周无人问诊后,他们完全可以预料到这一点, you’ll sober up and agree to what may have to be a series of price reductions.

Buying the listing works for some agents because they get cut into a commission payout that they would have missed had they lost the listing to competitors who counseled lower prices. Plus they reap immediate benefits: They’ve got their name plastered on a sign in front of your house, and they can hold 开放的房子 that could bring them new clients and other houses to sell. 

但作为卖家,你可能会有很大的缺点. Overpricing a house can doom it to months of sitting unsold, even with price reductions. 认真的买家会因为新上市的房屋价格过高而望而却步, 当价格不可避免地下降时,他们可能不会回来. 在这个过程的最后, you could be left with a final price well below what you would have gotten had you priced it realistically earlier.

点击这里阅读the Real Deal的完整文章.


底线是,做好功课. Choosing an agent because they agree with the price you want is going to bring you as much success as choosing an agent because of the color of their shirt or because they drive the same kind of car as you. Sellers usually come up with a price from an emotional point-of-view because their home is special to them. 作为经纪人,365app经常听到这样的话……”隔壁的房子卖了900美元,000, 但我的值1美元,100,因为我的房子有更好的布局和定制的厨房.” Or, “I know that house…the kitchen is ugly and has less closet space than my house,” etc. It doesn’t matter that the house next door is the exact same size and was built in the same year, it is almost always inferior to a seller’s house in the seller’s mind because of the emotional attachment a seller has with his/her home.


Overpricing a home because a seller wants to set the price is not the only disservice real estate agents do. On the flipside of the overpriced home, what about the home that is underpriced? 在面试代理人时, 当心 if they boast about recently selling a home at or over full price (in the South Florida real estate market), 或者5天就卖出去了. 这对其他卖家来说很糟糕. Selling too quickly or at or over asking price is almost always a sign the home was underpriced.


You don’t want to overprice or underprice your home…so why not pick the agent who has all the listings on your block? 他们的标志随处可见. If all of your neighbors selected 1 particular agent, they must be the “best,” right? 它们可能是好的,但这对卖家来说不是一个好的策略.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you choose this “best” agent and price your home at $900,000. During a tour of your home, this “best” agent gets push back on price from the buyers. Instead of reviewing all of the benefits of your home and showing the buyers that it is well priced in comparison to recent sales in the neighborhood, they decide to take the path of least resistance and leave your home to take the buyers to other homes he/she has listed down the street at $850,000 or $800,000 or $750,000(这个“最好的”代理确实有5个, 10, 你和你的家在你的社区竞争的15个房源).

“最好的”经纪人真的会为你的房子而战吗? Or, 只要把你的房源作为一个在你的社区获得更多房源的理由, use 开放的房子 at your listing as a marketing opportunity to attract buyers for themselves or even worse, use your home as an example of how well priced another home is in order to make a sale on that other home?

Any agent who has been in this business for more than 5 minutes has seen every single one of the examples that I mention above. 我经常看到这种情况,也不再感到惊讶了. 但对于可能每5-7年或更长时间出售一次房屋的卖家来说, you have to find a way to cut through the “noise” and feel comfortable with the agent you ultimately choose to represent you. You have to find an agent that you can partner with to sell your home for the best possible price.


代理商打算如何推销你的家……个人网站? 印刷媒体? 明信片? 无人机视频? How much of their own money is the agent willing to invest into the marketing of your home (if you get a shaky answer to this question, 或者代理人不愿意给出书面数字, 当心!). Does the agent work for a brokerage that has a worldwide reach to market your home globally (get hard statistics)?

许多代理商, 尤其是迈阿密和迈阿密海滩的365app市场, 从事上述TRD文章所述的实践, 主要是因为有超过40人,迈阿密-戴德县的一万名探员为生意而战, and agents are willing to tell sellers anything they want to hear just to get their listing, 但这是无效的, 这可能违反了道德规范,而且显然不是什么好生意!


大多数经纪人的365app营销三个P:  院子里的标志, 它在MLS上…祈祷 它能卖出去! My main advice to sellers…do not work with an agent who only uses the 3 P’s for their marketing strategy!

如果你有兴趣出售你在南佛罗里达的房子或公寓, 请联系Michael Light, 道格拉斯·艾丽曼的奢侈品销售总监, for a full marketing presentation of how Michael can market your home to sell for the best possible price. 你可以打我的手机(786)566-1700找到我, 直接联系我的办公室,电话是(305)350-9842,或者发邮件到 michael@kjnschoolconsultancy.com.






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